Islas Majagual and Maje island

This 224.4 acres Isla Majagual and Isla Maje are located a few miles of the Pacific Ocean coast in the Gulf of Panama. Only four hours by boat from Panama City or half an hour by helicopter. They are stunningly beautiful islands of great biodiversity, including fresh water! The islands are titled and have tremendous development potential. Possibilities include a world-class fishing lodge and/or a very interesting eco-tourism resort. The island of Majagual consists of flat land ideal for construction, bordering on three different beaches, one with surfing potential and another on a natural protected bay. There are areas of forested rocky hills from where one has the most unbelievable ocean and mainland mountain views. Building on the volcanic rocks is easy. Trails and hiking paths can be designed all over the island. The huge rocks around the bay can be easily connected with wooden bridges for the ultimate "survivor" experience. Majagual is 22 hectares in size. Maje is the bigger island with 60 hectares and lots of prime forest, hidden valleys and high elevations. This island is worth $4,200,000.

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