Hennessy XO Mathusalem cognac casing alcohol

This $25,000 Hennessy XO Mathusalem cognac casing alcohol managed to master the art of fine Cognac production for over 240 years, producing some limited edition examples such as the Odessey XO & VSOP Helios edition, and also the KAWS limited edition. Joining their league is the new X.O. Mathusalem cognac which carries with it royal heritage, along with an ultra-fine grade of cognac. The limited edition Mathusalem X.O. stands as a prime example, where rarest of the collection has been put into 6-liter decanters for the first time, which will have only 300 editions available worldwide. After from the premium quality of the decanter contents, the packaging seems to be as much in the mood to turn heads as the beverage itself. Housed in a gun metal colored lamb-skin covered travelling suitcase, there is an additional Fusil within the package, that shall help you pick out the beverage from the bottle in perfectly suitable quantities before serving it in.

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