Flash Rods Mercedes SLS external USB hardrive car

These Flash Rods Mercedes SLS external USB hardrive car has a hidden usb hard drive. What strikes about the Flash Rod Mercedes USB hard-drive is the detailing, and the intelligent designing used to create each device. None of the exterior components, except the cable point at the rear end, above the license plate; one does take this thing to be a master miniature alone. This cable point is what will actually connect the 2.5-inch 500 GB external USB drive to your computer, be it a Mac or PC, and perform its real function along with being an ultra-realistic piece of art. One could even try opening up bonnet or doors while using the hard-drive, without any one of its core functions getting affected in anyway. The other distinct advantage of this device is the absence of anything bulky or messy, which are generally associated external devices like wires. With the single cable point at the back, one gets to connect it to the computer with perfect ease, and virtually zero-hassles. This is what one could call a ‘smart’ device perhaps! However, there is also some customization option in terms of colors for this drive. 3 options exist, from which to choose including pearl silver, black and red you have already seen.

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