Dartz Jo-Mojo electric SUV

This Dartz Jo-Mojo electric SUV has a futuristic SUV sports an electric fuel based engine, meaning zero carbon emissions, which might what the rich would like to use on beachside venues. The Jo-Mojo SUV sports a bullet proof body, and also a sunroof which will meet the energy requirements of the car. With a help of a plugging station with an electrical power source, this vehicle’s electric motor would need to be charged for a fixed duration of time before it can start running. This is also complemented by the power generated from the electric retractable sunroof with a built-in solar panel, to aid the energy requirements when the 80HP Motor runs thin on charge. However, it doesn’t mean performance would receive any sort of set-backs. It would take a miserly 9.5 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/ph of speed, while the maximum possible would be 200 km/ph. While the Jo-mojo SUV remains as a concept till now, it will be first displayed at Monaco’s ‘Top Marques’ Show in the coming year.

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