Custom Nike ZF-1 snowboard boots

These Custom Nike ZF-1 snowboard boots were inspired by Japanese art forms such as the Saint Seiya and Berserk. This set of boots use extensive amounts of yellow gold to form a carved structure, which perhaps is more like a cover of a white shoe inside. Nicknamed the American Eagle Snowboard Zoom Force 1, these boots were the brainchild of Osamu Koyama from the designer label Complete Technique, who had got into a partnership with famous sportswear brand, Nike. Mr. Koyama used gold plates and carved them individually on the basis of each of the 2 Japanese entities, which we mentioned earlier. The shoes have then been given an opal pendant on the front, furthering the core idea of an outlandish design. Internally, the Nike Snowboard Zoom Force 1 boot lies hiding, visible only from the back end.

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