Condo For Sale in Guayaquil, Ecuador

This Condo is located in Calle Numa Pompilio Llona 120-2-4 Guayaquil "Barrio Las Peñas"
Ecuador.Three condos are being offered on the first, second and  fifth floors, the third floor is already occupied. Each Condo has the potential to suit the buyers exact style needs, as they can design the interior space themselves. They are welcomed to the services of María Isabel Fuentes, the original Architect of the new project. The interior walls are included in the base price, however the final price will depend upon the selection of finishings. All 4 apartments of the Condo have guaranteed access to the 4th floor terrace, which is 5,664.19 sq. feet of magnificent views of the river delta and of Downtown Guayaquil. Within this area, you will find a 250 foot long lap pool, a spa with space for five people, the gardens which climb up the mountainside, a dressing room with a complete bathroom, shower, turkish bath and lockers, storage, a wet bar and grill under the Palapa,  a view of  the interior garden which are 581.25 sq. feet located on the 2nd floor; besides all of its amenities. All the finishing’s of the fourth floor terrace and the Lobby (with its works of art), are first class. Each level can be accessed by elevator or staiway. This property is worth $19,4000.

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