Christensen 157' "Barchetta"

This luxury yacht is called Christensen 157' "Barchetta".This yacht can accommodate 12 passengers 6 cabins, and 9 crew. It has a cruise speed of 14 knots, and has a max speed of 20 knots. Down the central hallway repeat on all three floors, with the elevator at starboard or the ornate EK Miller stairway at port.The main deck at midships has Black Granite, Giallo Sienna, and Blue Bahia stone enhances dazzling wall and flooring decor. The master suite has cherrywood wall coverings and illuminated by dark pink highlights, the master is complete with vanities and dressers. It features a walk-in closets, both his & hers, separated on beam sides of the room. The bathroom has a water nymph prances playfully as water droplets dance across her naked silhouette. Fixtures and shower heads were chosen with particular care to match the frolicsome scene.

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