Brough Superior SS100 Retro bike

This Brough Superior SS100 Retro bike was custom made handcrafted for the price of $250,000. Through the 1930’s when the Brough Superior was first introduced, it enjoyed considerable fanfare because of its power packed features, and successful runs on various racing circuits. So much so, that receiving awards for its superior build quality became a habit for the bike. Some enthusiasts from the auto-world even nicknamed it ‘the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles’. In order for a lucky buyer to relieve that same magic that once was commonly seen, Builtwell Specialty Shop has retained exclusive rights, to rebuild the motorcycle but with some modern up-gradations and add-ons. The brass finished fittings, and redone handcrafted leather upholstery is just some of the refreshments that this edition has received. However, making these bikes by hand is something that was done from the very beginning, hence would actually be carrying on the legacy in this case.

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