Blackdiamond golf club

This golf club is called blackdiamond. The company applies the same laws of physics in the golf club design with the application of composites and alloys materials in shafts, ferrules and heads. What sets it apart is the use of Densimet, the second-heaviest metal in the world, in all of its metal woods and irons, also used in the FW32 race car to bring the car up to the minimum race weight. The black diamond set comes complete with a driver that has solid gold insets and a set of gold-plated irons along with a wide array of perks that includes a customized fitting by an expert who will fly anywhere to custom fit and tailor each piece of equipment to the specific needs of the player. The player will also receive a personalized 100% Italian leather custom Williams Sports golf bag handmade in Italy by Schedoni and VIP treatment at a Formula One race. The price? $300,000.

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