2012 Mazaanti Evantra supercar

This 2012 Mazaanti Evantra supercar was design from the racing industry and only made 5 units for next year. The Evantra caters to every speed thrill seeking rich boy out there. A black low-lying carbon fiber and aluminum body with LED lighting on the back and front, and a pair of doors which open vertically, it very much carries a ‘bat-mobile flavor’ but hopefully doesn’t belong to that movie franchise. Instead it’s a 1,200 kg, 600 HP pumping speedster, which takes a little less than 4 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/ph, on its own specially created set of alloy wheels. Since the car is exclusive, those buying it will have Mr. Luca Mazzanti seeing that the vehicle is made entirely according to their taste. In fact, he would be juggling with suggestions like the all-aluminum single-unit construction, or a mix of the metal with carbon fiber, shades of the interior leather upholstery or the one for the car’s exterior. This car is worth $392,000.

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