2011 Bugatti Super Sport Merveilleux edition

This 2011 Bugatti Super Sport Merveilleux edition was bought over by a Chinese tycoon, this car sports an unpainted carbon fiber finish amongst others, which perhaps no one else has really opted before. The man who ordered this special edition car, did it for including it in his celebrations for his 40th birthday, and what better than this? Known as ‘Simon’, he has been an avid car collector for quite a while, and this Bugatti only adds to his existing list of motors. Speaking of the specialties, we already know of the exposed carbon fiber finishing, but there are others like the special blackened allow wheels, and the contrastic flashy light blue interiors. The fabric used inside isn’t exactly known, but rest assured it would be some exotic variety of leather. The car can speed up to 431 km/ph, and can reach from 0-100 km/ph on this zooming masterpiece in 2.3 seconds.

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