1953 Jaguar C-type replica

This 1953 Jaguar C-type replica was known to have many laurels to its name including the Le Mans of 1951 and 1953. The auctioning will be taking place in Sydney, at the Shannons Summer Classic Auction 2012. Mr. Gavin King of Concours Sportscar Restoration put in his labor into recreating this racing car, just like the original conceived by the likes of David Brown and Barney Tansley during its introduction. To ensure that, some parts of an older unit were refurbished and used in his car, but a lot of them had to be remade, like the aluminum fuel tank. The process of restoration was actually completed in 2003, and was car had been bought over by an undisclosed owner who drove it for a little over 500 miles, and currently looking to sell it off. This car has a 3.8-liter engine which has a special 40DCO side-draft Weber carburetor, enabling to pump out about 300 HP of power. Complementing it was the 4-speed transmission with Plessey pump in gear gearbox, enabling it work like magic with Dunlop disk brakes. The bespoke alloy wheels also needed extensive work, as they have a total of 60 spikes in each of them. Going to towards the inside, there was a lot of work done to redo the metallic dashboard and other framework including the minor details like the gear knob and even the steering wheel. But most aesthetic in all, is the green upholstery of the seats and side panels which were stitched up like the original. The price? $200,000.

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