1902 Deckert 8HP car

This 1902 Deckert 8HP car is perhaps the last surviving model of its series, and carries with history of over a century. Created in France’s Levallois Perret area, which was the hub of auto manufacturing of the European nation, this car was the brainchild of Henri Deckert after whom the name of 2-seater is derived. This car has an 864cc single cylinder, which had a power output of 8HP. The transmission was a 4 speed manual with 3 for front moving, and 1 for the reverse gear. What actually struck a note with us was the water cooling mechanism of its engine from the side mounted radiator system, much like what we see now days from Renault. The clutch plate was a singular unit, unlike the some of the multiple versions available these days, especially in the high-end of the market. The body’s design very much resembles a horse carriage design. The wheels on the front are comparatively smaller, and the rear ones are on the larger side, something which we noticed in the era. The upholstery reminds one of the horse driven regal carriages which had deep buttoned leather stitching, and brass fittings on the interiors. The total package shall be available to a lucky bidder within the estimated range of $79,640-87,603. Also, a part of the sale, will be the 1898 Fission 8HP car.

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