2012 Ferrari 458 Italia SPIDER

This mouth dropping car 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Sider has ditched the fabric convertible mechanism for a superamerica-like flip-top configuration. The vehicle top apparatus weighs 55 pound made from aluminum. The top opens in closes in a fast-for-a-hardtop 14 seconds.The whole car together weight 3,153 pounds 111 heavier then the coupe model. This luxury car is $260,000.

Here are the vehicle specs......

(Engine)   4.5-liter V-8
(Horsepower )  562 hp @ 9,000 rpm
(Torque)   398 lb-ft @ 6,000 rpm
(Transmission)   7-speed DCT
(0–60 mph )  3.5 seconds
(Top Speed)   198 mph
(Weight)   3,400 lb (estimated)
( Length)   178 inches

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