1955 Mercedes 300SL gullwing coupe

The classics never die, this 1955 Mercedes is still a top selling millionairs toys.
The classic car features a 240hp v6 engine, and a 4 speed transmission. The gullwing was orginal called th W198 and was designed for racing, but become so popular with Mercedes fans they re-released it 5 years later as the 300sl with more horsepower. The gullwing version was available from March 1955 to 1957. In Mercedes-Benz fashion, the "300" referred to the engine's cylinder displacement, in this case, three liters. The "SL", as applied to a roadster, stood for "Sport Leicht" or "Sport Light". The gullwing above is a beautiful 1955 with grey metallic paint,and light blue interior. These cars are a very rare find and can cost upward of $400,000.

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