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Which is a better Chauffeur vehicle?

#1 Maybach 62- equipped with reclining back seats and two TV monitors build in the front seats with its own solar powered sun roof. 

#3 Rolls Royce Phantom- Equipped with two 8" LCD monitors in its picnic tables seat capacity for 5.

# 3 Chevy Express AWD Van- Equipped with one 26" HD TV with game inputs seating for 7 reclining seats a sun roof and plenty of room for everyone.

Lets here your comments on what you think is is the best Chauffeur vehicle.

47,000 sq ft mega mansion in Cumming, GA

This massive mansion had a cost of $32 million to build and now is foreclosed for $17,750,000 just a little bit over half price. The mansion has 47,000 sq ft of living space, a heated pool outdoor pool, a bowling ally, game room, message room, gym, ice cream parlor, a movie theater modeled after the fox theater in Atlanta, a atrium in the center of the house, a model train room, and its own park.  The house features 14.5 baths and 7 bed rooms.