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maybach upadated

We though we would update are old Maybach post with a newer one enjoy! The Maybach  62 is a amazing luxury car, designed main for the back seat passenger. The Maybach 62 features 2 fully reclining back seats that also double as massage chairs. The Maybach features its own drink cooler and two 9" lcd screens to enjoy TV, music, DVD's and even video games plugged into its AUX. The Maybach has rear window and side window curtains for complete privacy from the outside world. The Maybach is 21 feet long and 5' 1" tall so you can imagine its a very large car a topical car is about 15 feet long and 4' 7" tall. The Maybach 62 even though its massive size can travel up to 156 MPH with it's 600HP V12 engine, and still keeping the passengers with a nice comfortable ride. The Maybach typical comes in two tone colors with some of the highest quailty of paints and also as the option to have the drive compartment and passenger compartment separated with a patriot wall.

2011 Bentley Mulsanne

The all new 2011 Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley has been making sporty Bentley for the past few years now and has deiced to bring back the older larger style luxury sedan. The Bentley has a V8 6.7 liter engine, and is only 1 foot short then the rolls Royce phantom, so a pretty decent sizes car. The Bentley Mulsanne starts at $285,000.