Private Airbus a380

Yes that's right if you have the money you can buy it your very own private Airbus 380 one of the largest passenger airplanes in the world. This private jet cost an estimated half billion dollars and that's not even including the operation and maintenance cost. Only the billionaires can afford this bad puppy, the jet features two full floors and one half floor for storage,garage, and wellbeing room (magic carpet room)  each with a width of 23ft and headroom of about 6.5ft on the upper and 7ft on the lower so its plenty of room to move around on this plane. The massive jet is 239 feet long and has 5 bedrooms, spiral staircase, wellbeing room (magic carpet room) for viewing the ground below a large screen in the floor, concert hall, boardroom, dining room and a garage big enough for a Hummer h1. Pick one of these up today for the low low cost of $500 million plus $4 million a year for gas, maintenance, and operation cost.

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