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Luxury VIP Helicopter Sikorsky S-92

Nothing Completes it more than having your own private helicopter to go along with that mega yacht or sit in the hanger with that Learjet. Well here we have it today on millionaire toys global a true VIP helicopter for the rich the Sikorsky-92, The Sikorsky has earned its stars from sea search and rescue and a transport vehicle for the army now they have made a VIP version of the helicopter for luxury use the helicopter can hold up to 9 passengers, it has a bathroom and plenty of LCD's to keep everyone entertained. The Sikorsky also has a full 6 feet of head room. In the last pictures you will see the difference in size from the smaller Sikorsky, enjoy.

Welcome to flight week on Millionaire Toys

We told you we would be changing some things on millionaires toys global and now each week we will discusses a different type of millionaire toy. This way it will keep the site more organized and make it easy to find the millionaire toys you enjoy the most.

Boeing BBJ update with new pic seconde post

This is a 1999 Boeing BBJ up for sale on  for $44,950,000 $US.

Front of cabin Beyond the wall you see with the TV there is a bathroom with shower, galley, crew area, and cockpit.

 Middle of cabin and dinning area. Dining area middle cabin view 2. Office middle of cabin.
 Bedroom rear of cabin. Bathroom rear of cabin.

Millionaire Toys Global viewers

As some of you may know that are site is fast  approaching 4,000 visit's. we just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who supported us, and keep coming  back to are site. We also wanted to give a special thanks to all the donations.

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These will be the new features coming to the site we hope you will enjoy them.