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One of the worlds most expensive suv's

Porsche has been a famous auto maker for years, and started producing an suv in 2002. Called the Porsche Cayenne, The Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size Luxury sport utility vehicle it is the first V-8 engine produced by Porsche since 1995.  Now that we gave you a little history lesson lets get into the details about this amazing vehicle, The Cayenne comes in 5 different models Cayenne base model with a 3.0 L 240HP engine , Cayenne s with a 4.8 L 385HP, Cayenne GTS with 4.8 L  405HP, Cayenne Turbo 4.8 L with 500HP and the Cayenne Turbo s has 4.8 L with 550HP. The Porsche Cayenne has a starting MSRP price of $46,700 and goes up to $104,800 with options has a price of $121,090. This concludes One of the most expensive suv's in the world , be sure to comment..

Mercedes S65 AMG

The S65 AMG Mercedes, The S65 is a beautiful car it is slightly upgraded outside with the AMG full body kit which includes side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper and tail pipes. The AMG Mercedes underneath the hood is  another story from the original S600. The engine on the S600 has over 600HP powered by a V-12 with twin turbo charger the S65 will get up and go and out run mostly all luxury sedans on the road with a top speed of 198 MPH. Inside the S65 AMG it has the most advance technology found in vehicles today with a 6" LCD display built in the dash connected to a rear view parking assist camera and another 7" LCD display for climate control, radio, and GPS. The seats in the S65 are leather with a AMG logo at the top and are air condition and heated, while the rear seats have the same function they also can recline. Lastly the price of the S65 AMG you can pick one of these up for $180,000- $200,000 NEW or if you want it used you may be able to get for $98,000 off ebay.