The Lexus ls600hl hybrid

This new form of Lexus ls is giving even the baddest  luxury cars on the road a run for their money.
The Lexus has Ls600 H L has become famous to our eyes by its ability to self park. This high end Lexus is The newest vehicle with self parking technology and not only does the car self park it self, but in cruise control mode the car will slow down when it gets to close to another vehicle. This Lexus has a high price range of of $108,000- $125,000 and it's worth every penny. The Lexus has just came into the $100,000 car market with the H L before Lexus was beryl hitting $80,000. What will Lexus come up with next Lexus as already competed against the s-class Mercedes and the Ferrari, what will be next the maybach , looks like they already have their foot in the door with the reclining back seats in the H L. Hope you all enjoy this one the all new Lexus Ls600 H L hybrid.

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