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Millionaire Toys Global is taking a new dircetion

We are taking a new direction starting in September, and we need you the viewers to help us.
Millionaire toys covers almost everything the rich and famous would have and we want you to email us and tell us some of the things you would like on the site or more of on the site. ((

As well we are having a donation drive to better improve features, prizes,videos, themes and the graphics on the site if you like the site please donate to us by clicking a google ad on the right it cost you nothing but a click and helps us improve and keep the site going. without your donations millionaire toys will be no more. Thanks

Extravagant mega yacht 250'

The first look at this yacht the outside is extravagant and extremely larger than most mega yachts, The major difference between a 150' mega yacht and a 250' is not just the 100' feet in size difference but also the large the yacht the more floors it gains. This mega yacht has everything you can imagine in it. its like having your own private mansion on the water and your going all across the world, from the two store chrome engine room to the elevator that goes to all the desks this is an amazing yacht check out the pictures of  this beautiful vessel.