One million dollar watch

This watch is truly beautiful and magnificent. The craftsmanship to create a watch like this took more than 5,000 hours to design. The components were very difficult and complex, this explains it's extremely high price tag.
Would you ever pay this much for a watch ?

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To actually create this masterpiece it requires a touch of “madness” from the designers but in the same time a genius mind it is needed to bring to the world the most extravagant model that was ever created the One Million dollars Black Caviar Bang. The watch doesn’t have any numbers on it, doesn’t have any back case the only thing that gives life to this watch is an incredible small mechanism that requires more then 5000 hour for its design and creation.     The components are very difficult and complex for us to understand but to be able to sustain an entire watch with only mechanical parts for 12 millimeters just gives us an idea of what engineering lies in that mechanism. The most amazing thing is that the watch is entirely mechanical and does not need any battery or quartz to function and the running of the watch can reach even 20 hours.
    The transmission of movement from the tiny mechanism to the hour indicators are realized to a series of levers that are just a bit bigger then one single hair. We also mention hear those levers have been holed to realize the connections of the indicator.
    The entire case of the watch is made from different materials even if an untrained eye can recognize that. The main case is made from platinum with delicate and gentle touch in the details compartment. The front case that also holds the glass is made from white gold but with some black insertions and it is attach to the rest of the case with the help of four titanium bolts for even a higher resistance. The glass is a combination of crystal whit sapphire and it can sustain a weight of 19 kilograms on it.
    The amazing combination that Hublot offers between style and elegance with the help of the design and precious stone, also appear in this model as well. The diamonds are inserted behind the sapphire crystal glass and their shape is an unusual one that we are not used to see in the design of watches. Actually the diamonds and their shape are the ones that bring a certain spark to the watch.
    The whole theme of the watch is black whit diamonds insertions, a remarkable time piece and an outstanding precision from such small elements.
    The belt of the watch is made from an alloyed of carbon fiber and rubber but it requires an extraordinary process to combine these two elements. The clips are made from platinum whit the Hublot logo inscribed on theme.
    If only you could imagine this watch is made in a limited edition of only 560 pieces and costs around 68 000 euros and it is available only in Europe so the Hublot people announce. It is an outstanding watch and it can satisfy any needs of the buyer but only whit the help and innovation of the Hublot team.
Pictures with Hublot – One Million dollars Black Caviar Bang

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