Mac Pro

This is one of the favorite toys of the rich and average people, The Mac Pro you all know the name of CEO Steve Jobs  of Apple. Many of use have  at least one of apples products, but here is a computer that only the top electronic fans can afford or the rich. The mac pro starts at a price rang of $2,400 but thats with only 500GB hard drive, 3GB ram. Thats very low for that price but its a Mac now If your really into Mac computers and have the cash to spend or your a millionaire then the mac pro ultimate setup will cost you $15,000 yes thats right a $15,000 computer sounds crazy to most of use but not for hard core Mac fans or the very rich.
That's $15,000 price tag includes 16GB RAM, 8TB HDD, 30 inch monitor, the fastest processor and graphics card available for Mac's. Now that price tag is a little crazy if you ask me when you can buy a PC with the same setup for just under $3,000 but hey its a Mac!

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