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$3 million 7,000 sq. ft. MI Mansion

This 7,000 sq. ft. mansion is located in west Bloomfield MI, and cost $3 million. This beautiful mansion is located right off of lake orchard, and has its on boat dock. There is a 4 car attached garage.  The mansion has 5.5 bedrooms and 7 baths.

Million Dollar rims

These $1.2 Million  rims cost as much as a Bugatti today. These Ashanti rims are stud ed with diamonds , and silver the only chrome on the rim is black. This is a set of 4 rims so no its not all most $5 million to put them on your car just $1.2 million total, I wounder what car you would put these on?

The $2 billion dollar pad.

This is a huge mansion in the sky but I don't see why it should cost this much. This building/ mansion is 400,000 sq. ft. at $2 billion but at the same cost you can get a 1,000,000 sq. ft. mansion-not tower. 
Here are a few details on this amazing over price pad,  it will stand 27 stories high, have 5 stories dedicated to parking, have one floor for a swimming pool and snow room. This mansion in the sky is currently not built yet, but when it does it will be the most expensive home in America.

Yacht pictures we never see!

When ever you see yachts in magazines or on the internet, they fail to show you many pictures of the interior that we want to see. Today I will be showing you those pictures, enjoy!

A waste of a millionaire toy!!

Here are a few situations were millionaires waste a good million dollars or more destroying there luxurious million dollar play things.

Poor Bugatti, this car was $1.8 million now I wounder how much its worth?

Here is a Bugatti crash in action, this video just makes me wonder why even own any car!

This million dollar toy destruction was not the owners fault, this million dollar yacht was being transported from a storage facility to the water, and the crane broke leaving the owner circled in red for a ride of his life time. After this exciting ride I wounder how mad he was.

Old School Millionaire toys of the 90's - 2002

Here is our old school millionaire toys of the day from the early 1990's to 2002, enjoy.

Here is our first millionaire toy, This is a 68ft Sea Ray sports yacht this yacht was released in 2002 and today is still worth over $1 million. This luxurious yacht is 8 years old, when it was released its price was over $4 million, this yacht has enough room to sleep 6 people in 3 bedrooms each with there own private head. In the yachts salon there is a large 50'' plasma TV with a Bose surround sound entertainment system.

Here is an older millionaire toy this yacht is 64ft long and was released in 1994, this yacht currently is worth $500,000. The yacht during its release had a price of over $2 million, this yacht has two cabins, one for guest & crew.  This yacht has a bar and a very long couch, while its eating area converts into another bed.

Paul Allen's 303 ft yacht up for sale.

Well it looks like Mr. Paul Allen has decided to get rid of his beautiful mega yacht. He is selling the yacht for $149 million, the yacht is 303 ft long with a 49 foot beam. Enjoy the photos below.

$50,000 Iphone 3gs

Here is a picture of one of the worlds most expensive iphones, this phone has an estimated cost of $50,000.

$68 million Beverly hills mansion

This luxury mansion in Beverly hills is now up for sale for  $68 million, this mansion features 36,000 sq. ft. of living space on 1.96 acres of land. full specs below pictures.

Property FeaturesSingle Family PropertyStatus: ActiveArea: Beverly Hills (C01)County: Los AngelesYear Built: 20109 total bedroom(s)13 total bath(s)Approximately 36000 sq. ft.Style: FrenchLiving roomDining roomFamily roomDenOfficeBasementSwimming pool(s)Parking space(s): 8Parking features: Gated, Private Garage, GarageCommunity security featuresViewLot is 85377 sq. ft.Existing Structures: Cabana, GuestHouseZoning: BHR1*

$45,000 purse/ handbag LV.

In early 2007, Louis Vuitton released their most expensive handbag, the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. The bags, as the title suggests, were made of samples of different Louis Vuitton bags. This bag has a cost of $45,000, how many ladies out there would love to own this bag ?

One million dollar watch

This watch is truly beautiful and magnificent. The craftsmanship to create a watch like this took more than 5,000 hours to design. The components were very difficult and complex, this explains it's extremely high price tag.
Would you ever pay this much for a watch ?

Here is an article straight from the retailers. source link

To actually create this masterpiece it requires a touch of “madness” from the designers but in the same time a genius mind it is needed to bring to the world the most extravagant model that was ever created the One Million dollars Black Caviar Bang. The watch doesn’t have any numbers on it, doesn’t have any back case the only thing that gives life to this watch is an incredible small mechanism that requires more then 5000 hour for its design and creation.     The components are very difficult and complex for us to understand but to be able to sustain an entire watch with only mechani…

All about Bugatti.

 The Bugatti is a magnificent car, with a w 16 engine, 1001HP, and a 253 mph top speed. This car is definitely a favorite millionaires toy all across the globe. Most people miss quote the Bugatti being the fastest production car in the world and being the most expensive car in the world, none of this is true. The Bugatti is the 2nd fastest car in the world, and is the 4th most expensive car in the world. The Bugatti had a MSRP. of $1.8 million and presently you can pick up a used one as low as $800,000 and a new one for $1.2 million.